Each item of clothing is lovingly hand painted right here on Auckland’s North Shore…our zips, ribbing, labels, material are all bought in NZ.  We are proudly certified ‘New Zealand Made’.

The Kozmik spirit is bold, funky and fun, with signature bright colours and inspired designs.

 Every single item of clothing is unique, which makes the process time consuming and intensive.

Our artists hand paint a panel of material – cotton or fleece depending on what we are making that day.  Each panel gives enough for just one of each size in that theme.  For this reason each item, even when taken from the same panel, is somewhat different from the next one.

The clothes are painted with artistic licence – we enjoy ourselves and hope that this is reflected in the designs we create. We are not attempting to create ‘perfect’ designs.  Inspired by all sorts of everyday concepts, we let our artistic flair take over – you will not get a precise outcome, like you would with screen printing or mass printing, but we hope you can enjoy the effort and fun that is reflected into this part of the process.

Once we have painted the panels they are pressed to hold in the colour.  We then wash the material and iron each panel before sending them to our wonderful manufacturers at Seabreeze Apparel in Silverdale, North Shore.  The friendly, professional team there cut out and sew up the clothes.

It is an exciting time collecting the finished clothes from Seabreeze as we can see the results of our artistic efforts.  From there we add the Kozmik logo to each item of clothing.

After hours of loving input by everyone involved, the clothes are then ready to sell. We sell the items as seen on the photograph.

The clothes produced reflect that they are hand crafted and each item is unique.  They are not mass-produced, and look and feel different to everything else on the market 🙂

We would like to thank our designer Callum Loughnan for all his efforts. We wish him well at Wellington University and look forward to him returning to Kozmik with his amazing designs.
Please Note - As all of our garments are meticulously handcrafted, there will never be two exactly the same. The process of hand-painting means there will be variations of paint on the garment - such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products so you may expect minor distinctions that will make your purchase special and truly one of a kind.